Boudoir photo shoot

Intimate photography also known as boudoir photography, allows you to express your sensual side in order to create personal and unique works of art. Whether you want to create a sexy and romantic gift for the love of your life, or simply indulge a personal fantasy, you will discover how empowering, liberating and fun a boudoir photo sitting can be. Take control over your own artistic representation and gain greater self-confidence in the process.

Styling a boudoir photo session

James offers an individually tailored experience – there is no set ‘menu’ of options. You  discuss your ideas with James well before the shoot, ensuring that you receive images that are artistic and utterly unique.

Your choice of photographer is important. Different photographers will bring different styles to their intimate photography. Unlike many boudoir photographers, James specialises in black and white art nudes and vintage-style glamour images. He gains inspiration from the portrait lighting that helped create the timeless icons of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood.

James takes a minimalist approach to backgrounds and props – you are the star of a boudoir photo shoot, not the background! That said, if you have a specific idea in mind, however extravagant, don’t hold back. Maybe you want to recreate a classic movie poster or scene, maybe it’s a painting or the style of a sultry chanteuse that inspires you – a boudoir photo shoot is not just about celebrating your physique, its about expressing your personality and imagination too.

Your initial chat with James will cover the location of your boudoir photo shoot, as well as make up and hair requirements. James will then devise a shoot plan and estimate the time required for the sitting and quote you a price.

Sittings can take place at the location of your choosing (such as your own home), in James’ home studio, in a third-party studio, or even out in the open if you’re feeling really wild.

Just how intimate is ‘intimate photography’?

You will discuss  personal goals and boundaries for your boudoir photo session well before any photography takes place. You will be shown examples of the type of image that can be created. Once you know what is possible, you control the nature of the shoot, including the degree of nudity involved.

Boudoir does not have to mean ‘nude’. Maybe you just want to flash a stocking top, or seduce with your favourite lingerie.
The slightly more adventurous might wish to try ‘implied nude’ photography. as the name suggests, you don’t see much clothing in the images, but your modesty is preserved by props, the angle of your pose, or deep shadows.

implied nude intimate-portrait
Then there is the art nude image. Always tasteful, never vulgar, but feel free to express yourself to the full. Maybe you wish to remain anonymous in the photos? It is entirely possibly to hide your facial features, but show off everything else!
Maybe you are into a particular scene – cosplay, fetish, bondage – whatever you are into, James can help you visualise your fantasies.

Safe and discrete

James is CRB checked. Discretion is an important part of his work, and your images will  never be shared or published without your prior written consent. Your name and personal data will never be shared with anyone else.

Chaperones (male or female) are welcome at any meeting, including the shoot itself.

After your boudoir photo shoot

James performs all image processing and CD recording personally, ensuring confidentiality. You can keep the images as a private digital portfolio, or request (framed and unframed) prints. If you favour poses that maintain your anonymity, the artwork can safely grace your walls whilst you enjoy the secret thrill of knowing who the star of the piece really is!

If you think a boudoir photo shoot is something you are curious to explore further, contact James to discuss your requirements:


phone:             07757 259390